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Connecting Students to Real world work ECO system

Connecting Students to Real world work ECO system

  • Fresh out of college?
  • Do you know how Industry works?
  • Do you want to get prepared to meet the Real world?
  • Do you want to learn Basic Habits of Professionals?
  • Do you need Basic SDLC classes?

If you need Answers for the above come work with us


  1. Development of client server socket program
  2.  Test automation for testing the GUI application
  3.  Flash website development using Java
  4.  Device driver development
  5. Mobile Application development and Testing
  6.  Manual testing for Banking applications
  7.  Test automation using Winrunner
  8.  System testing for EPBX system
  9.  LIWIN OS development which will have the GUI of Windows and reliability of Linux.
  10.  NMS testing for Telecom products
  11.  Drive Test for Wimax devices, Wifi Devices
  12.  3rd party evaluation

White Papers

1 White papers on Effective Testing and Automation


We are dedicated in providing the most efficient and effective technical skills delivery series in an Indian market. We are continuously improving and the tuning our system in providing maximum services to our clients.

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